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Here at Josie’s Silencers we have a fully equipped work shop, thanks to which we can offer the best and fastest fitting service. In most of the cases exhausts are checked, serviced or replaced while the client waits, as this can be done in a matter of a few minutes, since we are the largest supplier of car exhausts on the island. Only when the job requires longer time, we suggest leaving the car with us, as this gives us the time required to guaranty the best quality job.

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Custom Build Exhaust Process

ECU Remapping by Topgear Tuning

ECU programming will improve power and torque figures, increase throttle response and widen the power-band, resulting in a more flexible engine and a much sharper drive.

Another major benefit of remapping is a reduction in fuel consumption. Extra torque at the bottom of the rev range requires less throttle input on acceleration and when maintaining steady speeds. The vehicle can also be driven in a higher gear at slower speeds, thus reducing revs, and this also applies to driving when fully loaded, towing or driving through elevation changes.

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