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At Exhaust Doctor, we bring together over a decade of traning and expertise with a lifelong love of power and performance. The Exhaust Doctor, Lee, will diagnose any exhaust problems you might have; and more than that, Lee will write the perscription for a custom built Powerflow system to get your car back to good health faster than you can imagine! We specialise in the jobs others dont want to do, so come and  tell us what ails your motor and you'll leave faster and fitter than ever before. With over 15 years experience in exhaust fabrication we are specialists in mig/tig welding and pipe manipulation.



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Custom Build Exhaust Process

ECU Remapping by Topgear Tuning

ECU programming will improve power and torque figures, increase throttle response and widen the power-band, resulting in a more flexible engine and a much sharper drive.

Another major benefit of remapping is a reduction in fuel consumption. Extra torque at the bottom of the rev range requires less throttle input on acceleration and when maintaining steady speeds. The vehicle can also be driven in a higher gear at slower speeds, thus reducing revs, and this also applies to driving when fully loaded, towing or driving through elevation changes.

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