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Powerflow Turriff are one of Scotland's only stainless steel exhausts specialists, offering custom built exhaust solutions fabricated straight onto the vehicle, usually via a same day service while you wait. The experienced, professional team at Turriff Tyres can build your new exhaust to your exact requirements. Services include: full exhaust, cat back exhaust, back box (silencer, muffler) replacement, sound modification, new tailpipes and exhaust repair. Unlike an off-the-shelf exhaust such as Scorpion, Remus or Magnaflow, this puts you, the customer, in the driving seat of the buying experience to get the sound, look and performance that you as an individual desire.

Custom made, stainless steel exhausts are Powerflow's speciality and we are the undisputed market leader. They are built with high quality, universal exhaust components. With the talent and expertise to build to every single vehicle on the market, no job is too difficult for this skilled team. To back up their claims, every single exhaust system comes lifetime guaranteed. Give Powerflow the chance to exceed your expectations and get in touch today!

Turriff tyres is a local tyre fitting garage with 10,000 square foot of warehousing and full Powerflow custom build exhaust capabilities to cater for all your needs. We are dedicated to giving you an excellent service and product. This is achieved with high regard for your needs as the customer and we are renowned throughout the UK and abroad for our expansive knowledge and great service which will not be beaten.


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Custom Build Exhaust Process

ECU Remapping by Topgear Tuning

ECU programming will improve power and torque figures, increase throttle response and widen the power-band, resulting in a more flexible engine and a much sharper drive.

Another major benefit of remapping is a reduction in fuel consumption. Extra torque at the bottom of the rev range requires less throttle input on acceleration and when maintaining steady speeds. The vehicle can also be driven in a higher gear at slower speeds, thus reducing revs, and this also applies to driving when fully loaded, towing or driving through elevation changes.

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