The history of Powerflow Exhausts dates back to 1973 when the company was founded in Durban, South Africa, where the metal ores required for manufacturing stainless steel are mined and therefore readily available. In the early days the owner produced and fitted all the stainless steel exhaust systems himself. As more and more people became aware of the benefits of stainless steel exhaust systems, and Powerflow Exhausts started to gain a reputation for quality products and workmanship, the company expanded rapidly. By the mid 1990s a franchise network of over 60 dealers had been developed right across South Africa. The company’s well known slogan “We fit it – Your forget it” was an indicator of the quality and durability of Powerflow Exhausts. Although Powerflow Exhausts is now a globally recognised and trusted brand, they continue to manufacture exhaust components in South Africa, which is one of largest producers in the world of high quality automotive grade stainless steel.

In 1998, Powerflow Exhausts entered the UK market. Topgear quickly recognised that Powerflow Exhausts were developing the best quality tailored stainless steel exhausts and wanted to make these available to their own customers.

Topgear was established in Bridport in 1984, as part of a small business selling auto accessories. Funding for the start-up came from a government enterprise allowance scheme. Since then the company has gone from strength to strength, growing from a single site business to a company which has depots both in the UK and mainland Europe, with further expansion anticipated through the rapid growth in internet sales. Topgear initially supplied a wide range of specialist bolt-on exhausts, but soon saw the growing demand for custom built exhaust systems, and also began to offer a range of tailored exhaust systems for their customers.

Today the two companies, Topgear and Powerflow Exhausts work side by side to ensure that customers can choose the finest stainless steel exhaust systems for their vehicles and have them installed by expert fitters. The nationwide network of franchises means that Powerflow Exhausts are accessible for customers wherever they live in the UK. Powerflow Exhausts are so confident in the quality of their products and installation that they provide a lifetime guarantee. Once a Powerflow Exhausts system has been fitted on a vehicle, the customer will never need to pay for any repair work to be carried out. If repairs are required, they will be undertaken free of charge at a local Powerflow Exhausts dealer. The Topgear and Powerflow Exhausts network offers a winning combination of top quality customised stainless steel exhaust systems, expert installation and an unbeatable customer guarantee.

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